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Our e-learning games are perfect for both individual courses, and group sessions for companies & universities.
We offer all the flexibility you need.

Individual plan

In-App purchases

  • Unlock chapters
  • Autonomous training
  • Customization
  • Credit card payment

Annual plan

$290/ month

  • Full game access
  • Up to 1,000 participants
  • Analytics dashboards
  • 1h coaching session for trainers

Special offer for Students / Schools / Universities

20% discount

Conditions apply. Consult our terms of use.
Please register with your school / university email address for verification.

Frequently Asked Questions

    • Our individual plan is a well suited for a person wishing to play a single session and willing to learn autonomously. SpacePlan is self-explanatory and progress is saved to learn at your own pace.

    • Our conference plan is a well suited for a group training session to play a single game experience. It's ideal for event organizers, project directors, university teachers with 1 or 2 courses per year.
      If you only need the app for a one-time event, we have you covered!

    • The annual plan offers full game access for up to 1,000 students during one year. It is perfect for regular trainings, consultancy offers or multiple courses throughout the year.
      We hope that teachers, coaches and managers use the app for several occasions throughout the year: in classes, workshops, trainings, seminars, etc.
      We recommend Annual Plans in order to access and explore the full range of SpacePlan's features.

    • SpacePlan game time ranges between 3 to 5 hours. In depth learning with regular checks to our wiki section will last much longer.

    • Yes, the whole first chapter of the game is free to play. It represents well what to expect before payment. To play the full game, payment is required.
      This helps us ensure maximum value for you while maintaining a sustainable business.

    • No, this is against our terms and would cause unexpected side-effects. But note that anyone can join for free and try the first chapter! In case you need several persons from your organization to play for different events, consider purchasing an annual plan.

    • You can pay with a credit or debit card. For Conference plans or Annual plans, we can generate an invoice payable by your company or university via bank transfer.
      To request an invoice, please contact us

    • Yes, we offer a 20% discount. Conditions apply.
      Please consult our terms of use. Register with your school / university email address for verification.

    • When the period of your plan is over, no additional participants will be able to connect to play SpacePlan. However, existing participants can continue to play the game, their progress is saved and you will still be able to view scores and analytics.
      Subscriptions do not renew automatically, so you must purchase a new plan to extend your access.


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